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Dr. Elena Vázquez Dueñas

Elena Vázquez Dueñas is a postdoctoral researcher who held until recently a Juan de la Cierva Fellowship at the Carlos de Amberes Foundation in Madrid. Her PhD thesis, focusing on the life and work of the sixteenth-century Spanish courtier and antiquarian Felipe de Guevara, was supervised by Prof Fernando Checa at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She has published several papers on this topic and participated in various international conferences. She is a member of the research project “Spaces of art collecting in the House of Austria: sixteenth and seventeenth centuries”, which involves the Royal Alcazar of Madrid, the Royal Palace of El Pardo and the Monastery of El Escorial, and a member of the research groups “Art, Power and Society in the Modern Age” (University of Valladolid; http://arteysociedad.blogs.uva.es/)  and “MAPA (Magnificence, Power and Art)”. In 2016, Dr Vázquez Dueñas published a critical edition of Felipe de Guevara’s Comentario de la pintura y pintores antiguos (Ediciones Akal, Madrid). In 2016, she also published El Bosco en las fuentes españolas (Ediciones Doce Calles, Madrid).