Ein Spätwerk von Hieronymus Bosch Book Cover Ein Spätwerk von Hieronymus Bosch
Benesch, Otto
Nonfiction, art history
Mélanges Hulin de Loo, Librairie Nationale d'Art et d'Histoire, Brussels-Paris, 1931, pp. 36-44

Benesch 1931


“Ein Spätwerk von Hieronymus Bosch” (Otto Benesch) 1931

[in: Mélanges Hulin de Loo. Librairie Nationale d’Art et d’Histoire, Brussels-Paris, 1931, pp. 36-44]

[Reprinted in: Otto Benesch, Collected Writings – Volume II: Netherlandish Art of the 15th and 16th centuries – Flemish and Dutch Art of the 17th century – Italian Art – French Art. Edited by Eva Benesch. Phaidon, New York-London, 1971, pp. 8-12]

[Also mentioned in Gibson 1983: 16 (A75) / 123-124 (E294)]


For stylistic reasons Benesch wants to attribute to Bosch an Ecce Homo (formerly belonging to the Rudinoff Collection, today in private ownership, Switzerland). The painting is situated in Bosch’s late period.


Although Tolnay agreed with Benesch (compare Tolnay 1965: 351, cat. nr. 11), Benesch’ argument remains very weak. Unverfehrt 1980: 145, correctly points out that the little panel has little or nothing to do with Bosch.