De Vlaamse en Noord-Nederlandse school Book Cover De Vlaamse en Noord-Nederlandse school
Brown, Christopher
Nonfiction, art history
Allessandro Bettagno et al., "Het Prado", Mercatorfonds, Antwerp, 1996, pp. 352-364

Brown 1996


“De Vlaamse en Noord-Nederlandse school” (Christopher Brown) 1996

In: Allessandro Bettagno et al., Het Prado. Mercatorfonds, Antwerp, 1996, pp. 333-503 (in particular pp. 352-364)]


On pages 352-364 of this monograph about the Prado Christopher Brown focuses on Bosch’s paintings in the Madrid museum: The Adoration of the Magi, The Haywain, The Garden of Delights, The Seven Deadly Sins and The Cutting of the Stone. Regarding the Garden of Delights triptych he writes that Bosch’s religious convinctions were quite conventional and that in spite of his vivid and rich imagination his iconography has nothing heretical about it.


At the outset of this contribution the reader is surprised to read: ‘The artist was born in the small Flemish city of Aix-la-Chapelle around 1450’. The rest of the text has a much sounder quality.


[explicit 17th May 2016]