De Meyere 1986


“Een ‘St. Antonius-Kwelling’ van een navolger van Hieronymus Bosch, in het Centraal Museum te Utrecht” (J.A.L. de Meyere) 1986

[in: Antiek, vol. 21, nr. 2 (August-September 1986), pp. 74-80]


De Meyere discusses a small panel (Utrecht, Centraal Museum, inventory number 2537, oil on oak) representing a Temptation of St. Anthony. Tolnay, Gibson and Bax considered the painting to be the work of a Bosch follower [p. 78]. Tolnay dated the painting around 1520-25, Bax in the second quarter of the sixteenth century [p. 78]. De Meyere’s hypothesis is that the panel probably originates from a Utrecht nunnery [pp. 78-79]. In the past the panel has been restored more than once [p. 79].


This small panel is not mentioned in Unverfehrt 1980.