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Dr. Eric De Bruyn

Eric De Bruyn (°Antwerp, 1955) who was awarded his doctorate at the Catholic University of Brussels in June 2000 for a dissertation that was published commercially in 2001 as De vergeten beeldentaal van Jheronimus Bosch – De symboliek van het Hooiwagen-drieluik en de Rotterdamse Marskramer-tondo verklaard vanuit Middelnederlandse teksten (The forgotten imagery of Hieronymus Bosch – The symbolism of the Haywain triptych and the Rotterdam Pedlar tondo interpreted with the help of Middle Dutch texts). Eric De Bruyn is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center (’s-Hertogenbosch). If you want to see him in a documentary on Bosch for Russian TV (alas only Russian spoken) view this right here.


My reviews

The My reviews section attempts to provide the user with a critical survey of basically all books and articles that have ever been written about Jheronimus Bosch. Its main objectives are to help Bosch scholars and enthusiasts find the information they are looking for and to give them an idea of what a particular book or article is about, when this book or article is written in a language they cannot understand.
Taking into consideration the huge amount of texts that have already been published about Bosch, the following could be a nice motto for this section:

Therefore, whoever does not keep to an order and a method in the reading of so great a collection of books wanders as it were into the very thick of the forest and loses the path of the direct route; he is, as it is said, always learning yet never reaching knowledge.

[Hugo of St Victor, Didascalicon – De studio legendi, Book 5, chapter 5, 12th century]


Publications about Bosch

As there seems to be no end to the stream of publications about Bosch, this section is bound to be permanently UNDER CONSTRUCTION. There are periods when more is being written about Bosch than even God could read within a reasonable span of time. Moreover the number of books and articles published in the past is immense. Walter S. Gibson did a wonderful and admirable job when he published his survey of Bosch literature up to 1983 (see Gibson 1983), but inevitably some titles were lacking in his bibliographic tour de force. Obviously, two know and see more than one, and ten know and see more than two. Therefore, we would kindly like to ask our users to report any gaps (or even errors) they might detect in our own bibliography.



IMPORTANT NOTE: The ‘critical parts’ of the summaries and reviews found in this section (usually written in italics) represent the personal opinion of the author. They are not meant to attack, humiliate or hurt anyone and they do not imply that the author has a monopoly on wisdom when it comes down to Bosch. They only approach the often complex and confusing literature about Bosch from one particular perspective (namely the author’s) and try to use valid arguments whenever possible.
PRACTICAL NOTE: the alphabetical order of the authors’ proper names in this section does take into account prepositions, pronouns and articles, meaning that for example Van Dijck has to be looked for under the letter V, not under the letter D.



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De vergeten beeldentaal van Jheronimus Bosch-
De symboliek van de Hooiwagen-triptiek en de Rotterdamse Marskramer-tondo en verklaard vanuit Middelnederlandse teksten

Auteur: Eric De Bruyn

Nederlands | Hardcover |  2001