Hieronymus Bosch Book Cover Hieronymus Bosch
Vogelsang, Willem
Non fiction, art history
Van Munster's Uitgeversmij., Amsterdam

Vogelsang 1951


Hieronymus Bosch (Willem Vogelsang) 1951

[Van Munsters’ Uitgeversmij., Amsterdam, 1951, 39 pages]

[Also mentioned in Gibson 1983: 15 (A69)]


A little monograph with 26 black-and-white illustrations and a short introductory essay of 15 pages. The suggested methodology is: ‘First look, watch and remember and then read and reflect’. Not much should be expected from the ‘reading and reflecting’, though, because the author writes that he cannot expand on the meaning of the numerous details in the art of Bosch. Essential are its Christian message and its surprisingly rich and eloquent style.


[explicit 28th August 2017]